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The Herb Quarterly<br>1 Year Subscription-US Only <br>Save 25% off the cover price with coupon code HQTAKE2
The Herb Quarterly
1 Year Subscription-US Only
Save 25% off the cover price with coupon code HQTAKE2
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Get a full year (4 Issues) of The Herb Quarterly delivered right to your door.(US Customers Only) Please allow 4-6 weeks the first issue of your subscription.


Herbal Healthwatch: Contributing editor, Michael Castleman, author of the highly successful “The Healing Herbs” and “The New Healing Herbs,” keeps readers up-to-date on advances in the field of herbal medicine.

Beauty in Bloom: Dry skin, sore feet, damaged hair; we cover every body part, providing natural recipes to make readers feel and look their best.

Herbalist’s Notebook: Herbalists with plenty of dirt under their fingers share their strategies and experiences.

Ask HQ: Do you pronounce the “h” in herb? How can I make my own vanilla extract? Readers pose their toughest questions, and our experts respond.

Garden Path: We close each issue with gardens that inspire, and share lessons learned from the herbalists that created them.

Miscellany: We cover the latest in herb-world news, from environmental issues to quick planting tips to new innovations that help readers make better use of their harvest.

In the Pantry: Start using herbs right away! We’ll show you the latest health research; quick growing tips; how to store your herbs so that they stay fresh; innovative ways to use them in the kitchen; and a simple medicinal recipe to get you on the rewarding road of herbal healing.

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