Phyto-Boron 60 vegi-caps/bottle

Phyto-Boron 60 vegi-caps/bottle
Item# vhphyto-boron

Product Description

  • Helps support bone and joint health
  • Supports healthful hormone levels
  • 3 mg. Boron per vegetable capsule
  • Supports health and integrity of connective tissue
  • Boron is something nearly every American needs Why? Because too many of us fail to take in optimal levels of vitamin D and Boron. Because nearly every woman past 30 and man past 40 loses more calcium in their urine than they absorb from their diets (i.e. negative calcium balance). And because so many of us are overweight.
As research over past decades examined the roles of Boron in human and animal biochemistry, its essential effects were found in the regulation of hormonal vitamin D and testosterone. The benefits of supplemental boron derive from its role in supporting normal hormone levels and ratios (homeostasis). of the hormonal form of vitamin D, (1, 25(OH)2 Vitamin D-3) and testosterone. Supplemental boron as patented calcium fructo-borate, a form found in plants, is natural, safe and bioavailable.