Phyto-Chromium 60 vegi-caps/bottle

Phyto-Chromium 60 vegi-caps/bottle
Item# vhphyto-chromium

Product Description

Phyto-Chromium Modern biochemistry tells us that trace minerals zinc, manganese, boron, vanadium, molybdenum, strontium, silicon, iron, chromium and selenium are essential to health.

Of Primary Concern The roles of Chromium in the regulation of blood sugar and metabolism of fats influences the vitality and efficiency of a great number of biochemical events. Our bodyís ability to manage the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat, two of the three macro nutrients, relies on Chromium. Biochemical sequelae following carbohydrate metabolism can also influence the handling of protein, the third macro nutrient. As a result, Chromium can be viewed as a foundational trace nutrient: One that supports sound health from the point where nutrients first arrive, after a meal is consumed, in circulation and in the liverís processing plant.

Improved Absorption A new technology has been successfully developed with the goal to present minerals in truly natural form, as found in food, and to improve bioavailability of supplemental minerals. The cruciferous plant, Indian mustard, (Brassica juncea) is now hydroponically cultivated to hyperaccumulate minerals into natural, organic complexes that the human body may more easily absorb. Unexcelled safety and natural bioavailability are the hallmarks of Phytominerals bound into organic complexes with proteins, carbohydrates and other food factors in the stem and leaves of the plant. Such compounds are ideally matched to, and recognized by the human digestive tract.

A Very Unique Process - Hyperaccumulation Scientists control all nutrients fed to the plants using advanced hydroponic techniques to yield a consistent, standardized mineral content in the Brassica juncea. Harvested plants require no additional processing other than drying and milling to a fine powder.