Issue#03-June 2004

Issue#03-June 2004
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Includes 28 projects!

In this issue, we have given you all a huge head start for your Halloween projects!

Season's Tweetings by Sue Jernigan
Snowman with Mittens by Nancy McClare
Peace & Joy Ornaments by Sharon Saylor,CDA
A Bit of Winter Time Whimsey by Kay Quist
Snowflake Sweetie by Jamie Mills-Price
White Birds & Ribbons by Antoinette Cox
Kokopelli Christmas by sharon Teal-Coray
Blue Delft by Patricia Rawlinson
Fruit Tray by Jill Paris Rody,CDA
Full of Lemons by Mary Jo Gross
A Touch of Tuscany by Mary Jo Gross
Let Freedom Ring by Patricia rawlison
Star spangled Kitty by Diane Bunker
Betsy Ross Sewing Box Jayna James
Sleepy Teddy by Deb Malewski
Spooky Bulbs & Votive Holder by Kim Christmas
Daisy the Artist angel by Diane Bunker
Rosebuds & daisies by Donna Dewberry