Glycemic Vibrance L, 250 gm Powder

Glycemic Vibrance L, 250 gm Powder
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Product Description

The objective of Glycemic Vibrance L Powder is to naturally slow the conversion of dietary starch and sugar to glucose at the border of the intestinal wall. This effect may cause a gradual absorption of dietary sugars, thereby preventing uncontrolled surges of blood glucose followed by surges of insulin.* This is a natural biochemical event in many people, so Glycemic Vibrance L is designed to support healthy glucose levels in individuals whose blood sugar is already within the normal range.

Glycemic Vibrance L supplies key trace nutrients beneficial to the regulation and maintenance of normal blood sugar levels. Under the influence of Glycemic Vibrance L, one may experience more even energy production within each cell, thereby enjoying sustained, normal energy throughout the day. Food cravings may disappear or at least become less pronounced.

Regular exercise, avoidance of grain-based foods, close attention to a diet of multiple small meals centered on protein and fresh vegetables, plus appropriate nutritional supplements can help support normal body chemistry and blood sugar levels.

Glycemic Vibrance L is a blend of concentrated natural foods rich in fiber and trace nutrients, essential minerals, carnitine, botanicals and antioxidants that may help in the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.