Gigartina Red Marine Algae 60 vegi capsules

Gigartina Red Marine Algae 60 vegi capsules
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Product Description

Immune Support from the Sea We know that sufficient rest together with a healthful diet and exercise can do much to maintain a robust immune system. Sulfated polysaccharides from the sea can help.

Is There Anything Else We Can Do? Botanical science has discovered and identified a substantial number of substances and compounds from plants that can improve functions of the human immune response. They have probably been playing that supporting role as part of the human diet for millennia. One specialized group of immune enhancing substances is the sulfated polysaccharides, sulfur containing complex sugars.

Where Do We Find Them? What Do They Do? Sulfated polysaccharides can make up a significant portion of the biomass of certain large leaf algae in the sea. More than 25 strains of Red Marine Algae (RMA) are known to contain significant amounts of sulfated polysaccharides. Difficulty lies in finding the species of RMA that are the richest sources, for the ability to support and strengthen immune response varies related to the content of sulfated polysaccharides. The more, the better.