Gift Tea Bag

Gift Tea Bag
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Product Description

Here's a great gift idea for those who are calorie conscious, diabetic or just don't like the taste of sugar substitutes. Our TEA BAG comes with two delicious 1.0 oz. Tea blends of your choice, a one inch tea infuser and a special 1.0 oz. Package of Stevia* (a natural sweetener)

Here are a few of stevias principal advantages:

  • It is a natural, non-caloric herbal product that contains zero sugar.
  • Its leaves can be used with little or no further processing. Stevia leaves are chewed raw, dried and crushed into powder, brewed as an infusion or cooked as a sweetening ingredient or as a vegetable.
  • With its potent sweetening compounds, just a small amount of stevia is necessary to have the same effect as a much larger amount of sugar or sugar substitute.
  • It is non-addictive and non-toxic, and is even safe for use for children.
  • It has no after-taste, unlike commercial sugar substitutes.
  • It is heat-stable up to 392 degrees F.