F.L.U. Support 70 gels capsules

F.L.U. Support 70 gels capsules
Item# vhflusupport

Product Description

An Intestinal Health Formula
  • 1000 mg. Bovine Immunoglobulins
  • 1000 mg. Gigartina Red Marine Algae

F.L.U. Support props up a healthy intestinal tract

Tyndalized probiotics have been used in Europe for decades at a dosage of 5 billion per day to support intestinal health.* Tyndalized probiotics have all the benefits of living probiotics, but do not grow in the G.I. tract. Nor do they require refrigeration or special handling, making them excellent travel companions for those trips to strange lands with strange foods. Tyndalized in the gut help live probiotics that already live in your GI Tract,*

Immunoglobulins of bovine origin are antibodies. Supplemental immunoglobulins act in the intestinal tract to boost the normal level of immunoglobulins secreted by immune cells lining the G.I. tract.* Our Immunoglobulins provide transferrin, endotoxin-binding proteins and other acute phase proteins that provide added immune support.

F.L.U. Support is shelf stable. No refrigeration required. Convenient for travel.