Enhanced Life Preserver 90 tabs/bottle

Enhanced Life Preserver 90 tabs/bottle
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Product Description

  • Your biochemistry tries to incinerate you
  • Life Preserver tries to quench the fires within
  • Use Life Preserver because it's good to be alive and great to stay that way.
If one is ambulatory and above room temperature... If a person breathes and eats, then he or she is a free radical factory. It comes with life. And free radicals can damage cells, block energy production, wrinkle skin, weaken tendons and ligaments and create more damage than your immune system, and nightly secretions of growth hormone, can eventually correct. In short, oxidative damage from free radicals steals your youth, and sets the stage for degeneration associated with aging.

The Case for Multiple Antioxidants Research has repeatedly shown that a variety of antioxidants taken together boosts the free radial scavenging power of each. A profound synergism occurs which allows each ingredient to quench more free radicals than it could if working alone. Life Preserver lets you take advantage of this synergism among antioxidants by conveniently combining multiple important antioxidants in a balanced formula appropriate for daily use.

It is valuable to blend so many antioxidants in one product because different antioxidants work in different media and in different locations throughout the human body. For example, both tocotrienols and tocopherols (Vitamin E complex) function at the cell membrane level. However, once vitamin E has assumed a position in the cell membrane, it stays there, catching free radicals that bump into it. Tocotrienols, in contrast, are highly mobile, seeking out free radicals as they migrate quickly throughout the cell membrane.