Cran-Max® 60 caps/bottle

Cran-Max® 60 caps/bottle
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Product Description

No holiday table would be complete... without cranberries of one sort or another. There are whole cranberries, cranberry juices, sauces, and all kinds of breads, cakes and relishes. But not only does the cranberry add to festivities, it brings many health benefits.

  • American Indians used cranberries as a preparation for dressing wounds. The benefit, we know now, lay in the abundant polyphenol content including condensed tannins and smaller OPCs.

    Colonial sailors used cranberries to prevent scurvy. Cranberries succeeded due to their rich content of vitamin C and vitamin P constituents (i.e. polyphenols and organic acids). The cranberry is an antioxidant cocktail.

    Cran-Max® linked with healthy urinary tract

    • Cranberry supports bladder health.
    • Cran-Max® 500 mg. capsules are bioengineered to have unique potency.
    • The nutritional factors in 500 mg. of Cran-Max® are stronger than those in 10 oz. of cranberry juice cocktail. Cran-Max® is made from the complete cranberry — the fruit solids, juice, seeds and skin — using a patent-pending process that supercharges the values found in nature. Unlike other cranberry supplements, Cran-Max® contains the full synergistic spectrum of the whole cranberry and is not just an extract.