CALENDULA Salve, Tin 1.75 oz

CALENDULA Salve, Tin 1.75 oz
Item# supersalvecalendula

Product Description

(Calendula officinale, common name “Marigold”) In ancient times, Calendula was used for beautifying purposes and especially for toning the skin. Today, cosmetic experts praise calendula for its rejuvenating and healing effects on injured and damaged skin.

* excellent for sensitive skin, for face & body * sunburn & windburns * scars & wrinkle treatment * protects skin from dehydration * antioxidant, fights free radicals

Contains: Cocoa butter, African shea butter, olive oil, organic calendula flowers, organic bee’s wax, mango butter, almond oil, neem oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and essential oils of sweet orange, lemon & tangerine.